Welcome back to part three of my series about how a first-year real estate agent can develop a strong relationship with their clients.

To strengthen your relationships with your clients, you need to be present. By that, I mean present on social media, which is now a huge part of our society, and real estate is no exception.

Here’s a test: Go to the Facebook page of any member of your real estate company. Does it list where that agent lives? Most of the time, it doesn’t. If someone from out of the area looks up your Facebook page and can’t find where you live, how likely are they to do business with you?

“You need to make sure that your social media profiles are consumer-friendly.”

You need to make sure that your social media profiles are consumer-friendly. In order to maintain a page that is palatable to anyone who is likely to look you up, stay away from controversial topics like politics and religion. Those topics will alienate 50% of people no matter what you do.

Make your profile inviting. It’s okay to keep it personal, just make sure that when you engage with people, you’re doing so in a professional manner.

Even when you’re out in public on your time off, you can still have fun and dress casually, but don’t dress in a way that will put people off. Avoid wearing torn or dirty clothes and keep your car clean; people are very responsive to appearance, and it may put them off doing business with you. You never know what can turn the public against you.

In the social media world we live in, people are judged very critically. Be the real estate agent that you would pick for yourself.

If you have any questions about this or other real estate topics, feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to help.