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How do we help clients find a home for life?

The biggest thing we stress on our team is that when we’re selling, the only thing we are selling is our team. We sell houses, but we don’t sell people on houses. We don’t try to convince our clients to buy or not to buy, the selling we do is completely within our team.

That’s why our clients want to do business with us. They see the value and benefits we offer them, and how we can do more for them as a team than any other agent can. That’s what we’re selling.

“We want our buyers to be buyers for life.”

We want our buyers to be buyers for life, so we listen to their needs, assess them, and look for corresponding homes that match. When we show them a house and they try to convince themselves to buy it even though it’s not what they want, we remind them of what they told us they wanted. We want them to be sure they are buying the house that they want.

Another way we help our buyers is by offering a love it or leave it listing guarantee. If they don’t love the home they bought, we will sell it for free for them within the next year. We never want our buyers to feel trapped.

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