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Did you know that tech trends have an influence on real estate? Some of them may surprise you.

Virtual reality headsets play a part in real estate now with 3D videos that can be used for home tours. You can use the headset to virtually walk through a house! I’ve got friends across the country who are testing this now with clients. It looks like it might be a game changer for showings.

Drone technology has also taken over the world in the last couple years. Now you have to have a pilot license for drones, but there are companies around Roanoke that use drone videos. This will change the way you see a property.

“Virtual reality headsets might be a game changer for showings.”

One of the most intriguing trends we’re seeing is smart homes. Personally I have the Nest thermostat, and I can control my house and my office temperatures from my phone. Video cameras have become much more popular in homes as well, which give you a real-time view of what’s happening during a showing or open house. You can also hear what you’re saying, so we need to be careful about what we do and say in a house.

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