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How do we get a seller to conquer clutter?

What we did recently is had our photographer and one of our assistants go into a $300,000 house, photograph it as is, declutter it, and then re-photograph it the same day. We did that because I don’t like before/after photos - the lighting is different, the house is different, the camera’s different, even the location is different. Our true before and after photos could amply demonstrate that.

We tell sellers all the time that the first thing people do when they decide to sell a car is detail it. The logic is no different with selling a house. If your house is filled to the brim (and most are), then the next potential buyer is going to be discouraged from buying it. That’s why you need to make the house look spacious. It has to feel warm, inviting, and show people there is plenty of room in there to live in and be happy. If it’s cluttered, you’re never going to get that feeling.


Therefore, box up everything that you don’t need and ship it out. If it’s spring or summer, get rid of all your winter clothes. If the kids have toys they don’t play with anymore, they go too. If you can’t afford to rent a storage unit or a pod to store it all, that’s fine. Just use your garage or basement. If it has to be the basement, stack your boxes very neatly from floor-to-ceiling so that it takes up the least amount of footprint possible. If you do that, you’re house will appear much more spacious and inviting, and sell faster and for more money.

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